Luxury hand made scented candles, artisan soap bars and body treats with style and uniqueness.

Plant based and eco friendly

Royal Choco Berry

Royal Choco Berry was launched in 2020 during the pandemic. I tapped into my energy and found my passion. My mission is to create beautiful plant based and sustainable products that smells amazing. As a small company I value your business as you are helping to build a dream.

  • Glow Body Oils

    Our body oils are made from eco cert plant oils that are infused in Calendula and jasmine flowers with skin loving properties. We use fragrances that are free of toxins.

    Body Oil 
  • Soap Bars

    Our bar soaps are made by cold processing method. Cold processing is the of mixing a fat (oils and butters) with a salt (sodium hydroxide or also known as lye). *Fact natural soaps cannot be made without lye. Some additives can be added to boost the performance of each bar they include but are not limited to; herbs, salts, clays, vitamins, seeds, preservatives, extracts. Our bars are scented with non toxic fragrances and essential oil and can last up to 1 month.

    Soap Bars 
  • Candles

    Our candles are made with soy blend wax and high quality non toxic fragrances. They are perfectly blended and tested for a true clean burn.

  • Body Butters

    Our body butters are thick cream made with natural oils and butters. It is great for extreme dry and chapped skin and can also be used on the scalp. They are thicker and moisturizing alternatives to lotions.

    Body Butters